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Social Engagement

Randolph Matthews promotes the preservation and celebration of African and Caribbean communities through collaborative archiving, eradicating structural racism, enriching well-being, advocating for cultural diversity, mentoring young artists, and using music production for social change.

Key areas of social engagement 2023 



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Tune In Folkestone is an innovative project that aims to engage the local community by collecting and archiving the sounds of the town. By involving local artists, schools, marginalised groups and members of the public, the project seeks to create a unique sonic archive that captures the essence of Folkestone's diverse and vibrant community past, present and future.

Through a series of open workshops, walks, and field recording sessions, participants were encouraged to explore the town and collect sounds that were meaningful to them. By involving the community in the creative process, the project fosters a sense of ownership that is essential for creating a meaningful archive that accurately reflects the town's identity.

healthy ageing
& wellbeing 

Randolph worked with elders in Senegal Africa and United Kingdom, using movement and sound as a means to improve their wellbeing. Voice Movement Immersion project aims to stimulate, interact, and improve the lives of older adults, and the focus on the elder generation is a testament to Randolph's commitment to helping those in need.


The voice and movement has also been used as a means of self-expression for Parkinson's patients and also neurological disorder wards in collaboration with the NHS as a means of empowerment and control over their bodies, which can lead to improved physical and mental health.


The Walter Tull Workshop is an initiative that seeks to raise awareness of anti-racism and promote social justice by reflecting on the life and legacy of WW1 solider and footballer Walter Tull who overcame racial prejudice to become a role model for generations to come.


12 schools took part in the workshop offering which gave children a chance to learn about Tull's life and reflect on his courage, resolve, and composure in the face of adversity


By learning about Tull's life and legacy, children can be empowered to be agents of change and work towards a more just and equitable society.

cultural advocacy

Randolph works for Black lives in Music alongside organisations to fine-tune and create a level playing field in organisational structures and conversations regarding cultural diversity. Randolph is committed to achieving equality for Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse professionals at all levels and in the performance arts and community industry.

Randolph has worked also worked also with Creative Folkestone and Applause Agency with their teams to raise awareness of changes to be made and to expand the conversation about the appreciation of culture as an agent for social change and engagement.


music production

Randolphs music production projects aim to embed culture into communities, particularly those facing underdevelopment.

Randolph believes that music can be used to connect communities and address issues affecting them.


Randolph strives to engage communities through music and sound, bringing new skills and resources to those who need them most.  



Randolph Matthews has been awarded funding by the Arts Council England to collaborate with poets and performers in England and across Europe. The primary goal of the project is to promote inclusivity and diversity in the creative industry. With a focus on mentorship, Randolph aims to guide young people, international artists, and creators towards understanding the crucial role their art can play in society. By fostering awareness and good practice, the project seeks to encourage representation and provide support for all who wish to engage in the arts.

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