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SEPT 21 - 24 2023 



Photo by Mascha Teilemans



"Before there were words there were feelings"
Paul Newham



Develop. Explore. Heal.

"Would you like to connect more profoundly with your voice and body? Join us for an intensive Voice Movement Immersion in beautiful Cumbria, UK. You'll have the opportunity to participate in a weekend of tools, exercises, and activities designed to help you explore your vocal and physical expression. This retreat, led by acclaimed facilitator and vocalist Randolph Matthews, is ideal for professional singers, actors, and anybody wishing to develop their communication expressive abilities.

You'll learn about Voice Movement Therapy's strong creative and therapeutic approaches, as well as strategies for successfully negotiating differences and finding common ground via movement and expression. The retreat will involve individual and group work, as well as plenty of time for reflection and relaxation.


Take your self-discovery to the next level amid the stunning Cumbrian countryside. Throughout the retreat, enjoy comfortable residential accommodations and nutritious meals. 

 If you would like to participate and get more info click below for our booking page.

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Whats included on the VMI 

● 3 days of unlimited value, support and development in


● Fully catered breakfast, lunch, and dinner and drinks
● 3 comfortable 4-star airbnb accommodations.
● Warm under-floor heated studio for group work.
● Access to 80 acres of farmland, woodland, river and
roundhouse for walks and reflection time
● Free transportation to and from Carlisle station

provided by VMI Team

● Exclusive access to VMI recorded voice and movement

journeys, podcasts and meditations.

● 2 pre & post-event virtual group catch-ups with the VMI


Arrivals on Thursday 21st from 3.30pm. Departure on

Sunday 24th at 2pm.

Price £550

To note : We are offering one scholarship place so apply early if this

applies to you.


What you will learn & benefit

Photo by Yasmin Stephens 

  • How to use the principles of Voice Movement Therapy to empowerment and instill confidence in yourself and ultimately in other individuals and communities.  

  • How to go on a your own voice journey for healing, insight and artistic expression. 

  • How to have a deep whole body experience using Primal Voice to tap into your instinctual nature. 

  • Learn the 10 vocal components used in Voice Movement Therapy work for expressive freedom.These are one of the core foundations of the VMT creative process for vocal improvisation and song making process. 

  •  How to find peace with individual issues and themes using  movement, song, imagery and enactment.  

  • Vocal and physical confidence 

  • Positive mental health 

  • Deep whole body & breath connection

  • Post Covid empowerment

  • Raised cognitive awareness 

  • Rehabilitation of vocal and body misalignments

  • Unique artistic expression 

  • Heal chronic health conditions 

  • Vocal empowerment 

  • Tools for working in therapeutic careers 

  • Self awareness and mindfulness 

  • Higher Consciousness  

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Kin Hill 


"Kin Hill is a leading cultural and personal development location. Our talented group is committed to developing a connection to nature via regenerative agriculture and creative approaches.

Our cutting-edge studio features superb acoustics, underfloor heating, and panoramic views of the Lake District and the Pennines. We provide a range of classes and activities for singers, dancers, meditators, and the general public.

Kin Hill, located on its own acreage and surrounded by semi-ancient woodland and the Kingwater River, provides a private and attractive location for individuals looking to enhance their connection to nature. Join us at Kin Hill for an unforgettable voice movement experience in personal development and artistic expression."

Photo Robbie Allen 

Marie Pronto

in a jam packed  immersive weekend I was given the permission to let go, allowing me to connect with my movement and voice, and spark again my love of dancing and voice and remember they are not separate. 

Morgan James, 

Through various vocal exercises, expressive movements, and the beautiful space, i once again discovered a newfound freedom within my own voice I havent felt before.

Lisa Driver, 

The safe and nurturing environment created by the facilitator and group allowed me to explore the depths of my emotions and confront the pain I had carried for far too long. I was able to release pent-up emotions, allowing them to flow out of me and finally find the catharsis I so desperately needed.

Photo by Igor Immerich 

Randolph Matthews 

Randolph Matthews is a vocal artist ,composer and a qualified voice movement therapist .His musical career spans over 2 decades and his expertise saunters through jazz, blues and contemporary music. Randolph performs and creates work nationally and internationally with collaboration across interdisciplinary art forms.


Randolph studied voice at Goldsmiths College London in 2000 in voice repertoire combining Alexander technique and vocal mechanics.Then between 2003 - 2004 Randolph undertook training in Boston USA in Voice Movement Therapy to explore further the relationship of voice and movement through principles developed by voice specialist Paul Newham.


He has since run workshops in Europe and USA on voice and movement supporting people to connect with embodied sound ,breathe and the unconscious song.

He has performed  at and composed music for Sadlers Wells, Buckingham Palace ,Royal Albert Hall with the BBC singer and teachers VMT at the international dance school Ecole des Sables in Senegal. Randolph Matthews is currently writing, producing and touring internationally.

For more info on course , one to one and booking sessions contact the team  

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