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"Before there were words there were feelings"
Paul Newham


Photo by Yasmin Stephens 


How might expanding our understanding and ability to use the visceral range, variety, strength, and instinctual passion of the human voice help us express and explain our own emotions and communicate more confidently with others? 

What is Primal Voice ? 

Whether you use your voice professionally, are an experienced speaker ,dancer or a group embarking on a vocal exploration Primal Voice empowers participants with an introduction to the amazing creative and therapeutic techniques of Voice Movement Therapy as well as methods and tools for confidently coping with differences among individuals by instinctually moving beyond words to establish common ground. 

How does it work ? 

Beginning with an investigation of our own speech and movement styles and habits, we will explore individually and in the context of the group, with the twin goal of making us more conscious and stronger in ourselves while building interpersonal vocal skills

Together, voice and movement interplay can provide a rich source of information about a person's thoughts and feelings, and they can play a crucial role in how we communicate and connect with others.

Develop. explore. heal.



Photo by Yasmin Stephens 

  • How to use the principles of voice movement therapy to support the empowerment and confidence of yourself ,different individuals and communities.  

  • How to go on a your own voice journey for healing, insight and artistic expression. 

  • How to have a deep whole body experience using Primal Voice to tap into your primal instinct. 

  • Learn the 10 vocal components used in voice movement therapy work for expressive liberation.The foundation of the VMT creative process of vocal improvisation and song making process. 

  •  How to find peace with individual issues and themes using  movement, song, imagery and enactment.  

  • Vocal and Physical confidence 

  • Positive mental health 

  • Deep whole body & breath connection

  • Post Covid empowerment

  • Raised Cognitive awareness 

  • Rehabilitation of vocal and body misalignments

  • Unique artistic expression 

  • Heal reacquiring health conditions 

  • Vocal empowerment 

  • Tools for working in therapeutic careers 

  • Self awareness and mindfulness 

  • Higher Consciousness  


Photo by Igor Immerich 

Randolph matthews

Randolph Matthews is a vocal artist ,composer and a qualified voice movement therapist .His musical career spans over 2 decades and his expertise saunters through jazz, blues and contemporary music. Randolph performs and creates work nationally and internationally with collaboration across interdisciplinary art forms.


Randolph studied voice at Goldsmiths College London in 2000 in voice repertoire combining Alexandra technique and vocal mechanics.Then between 2003 - 2004 Randolph undertook training in Boston USA in Voice Movement Therapy to explore further the relationship of voice and movement through principle developed by voice specialist Paul Newham.


He has since run workshops in Europe and USA on voice and movement helping people connect with embodied sound ,breathe and the unconscious song.

He has sung at and composed music for Sadlers Wells, Buckingham Palace ,Royal Albert Hall with the BBC singer and teachers Vmt at the international dance school Ecole de sable in Senegal. Randolph Matthews is currently writing, producing and touring internationally.


Courses & Coaching sessions 

Photo by Mascha Teilemans

Vocal Immersion Retreat Devon 2024 
Voice Movement Immersion Italy 2025 
One to one session Central London
One to one session Folkestone (Kent ) 
Ecole de Sable Dance School - Senegal

If you would like to book a session or attend one of our Retreats or Courses get in touch

Photos by Yasmin Stephens , Igor Immerich and Mascha Teilemans



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