Randolph Matthews “Voce Solo” is moving …

Randolph one man show is being performed through the uk and Europe with more dates being booked for the spring!!

Randolph takes the audiences on an organically magical journey through his Voce Solo show. Edge of the seat improvisation and witty stories whilst technology layers his voice. Special guest are expected on the tour. As though sound is erupting from within him, a musical volcano of clicks and glottal stops, Jazz percussive melodies and songs composed out of audience members names. You cannot simply watch him perform; you and Randolph become the performance together. Matthews says “When I am introduced on stage, the wording is always” Randolph does his thing… so without further ado, here is his thing… “What that ‘thing’ is depends on the day and the audience.” One thing’s for sure you will most definitely have a unique and powerful experience.

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